That it is hard to focus on yourself when you’re in a relationship. In 2003, she left the WTA tour; but, in 2010, she joined with Martina Hingis again to compete in an invitational doubles event during Wimbledon’s famous fortnight of play. But, I’m pretty sure that even if she had snuck a boyfriend passed her family, trainers, and handlers those days, he wouldn’t have been sitting in the stands while she played in her first grand slam tournament. 2000 is a mystery; but, from 2001 on, Anna has been with just one man–latin pop icon, Enrique Iglesias.

She remembered, she said, trying to play tennis at Wimbledon with her boyfriend in the stands. Sounds like the skinny, fit people on might have some tangled up emotional issues to deal with, too. And, Anna’s love life is refreshingly easy to track, too. Kournikova and Iglesias started dating in 2001, after Anna starred (with Enrique) in the video for his single, “Escape.” So, by the time the 2002 Wimbledon appearance rolled around, he would’ve been her man in the stands.

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In the locker room after the match, which Kournikova won, the two hurled insults and trophies at one another.

The capper came when Kournikova flung a crystal vase at Hingis, who dodged the shattered glass with her renowned cat-like footwork. THE wild-haired and protective Melanie Molitor, Hingis’ mom, immediately went on the offensive.

In a sport renowned for bitchy behaviour and bruising competitiveness, the friendship between Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova was a breath of fresh air.

Martina liked to joke that Anna, her doubles partner and friend, was Baby Spice to her Posh and she loyally defended her while others gossiped. The girls talk about her in the locker room,' said Miss Hingis.

She just couldn’t ignore Enrique’s smoldering stare.

I guess she doesn’t want Jessica and Ramon to suffer her fate. (Getty Images) However, the pair got back together in 2011.This time Ivanovic was spotted in Scott’s camp during the 2011 President’s Cup.That apparently is the real reason behind Hingis’ abrupt announcement Monday that she’s chosen the good-natured Monica Seles as her doubles partner for the open, although Hingis denied any connection to the combat in Chile. but I just don’t want an all-year partner.” Seles confirmed she was first approached by Hingis about the partnership around the time of the bust up.The switcheroo didn’t immediately send up red flags in the tennis community since Hingis has had several partners over her career and has even dumped Kournikova once before, a year ago, when she felt Kournikova wasn’t working hard enough. And Seles, a veteran of the tour at 27, seems prepared for anything from the petulant Hingis.Season 12 announced to the world that they were in love everyone seemed to swoon with happiness at their sunset and non-alcoholic champagne romance on the Ranch. Former professional tennis player Anna Kournikova, who is working as one of the trainers on the show this season, called them out. who is this boyfriend, and why is this episode in her professional tennis career still on her mind?