Located on the banks of the Irrawaddy River it is often described in literature as traditional, timeless and alluring.

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Rohingya, described as Bengalis in Myanmar, will be counted under the "Other" ethnicity category on the census, along with ethnic Chinese and Pakistani residents.

On 16 March 2014, Rakhine mobs protested across Rakhine State, egged on by monk Ashin Wirathu demanding that the census be stopped or changed to prevent the Rohingyas from being able to define their ethnicity.

In such case we will need passport copy, photograph, personal information, etc. Please find out details in the followings: Required Document for Pre-applied “On Arrival Visa”1.

Two completed application forms and one completed Report of Arrival form with a photo (approx 1.5″ x 2″) on each. Up dated news that US$ 200 is not compulsory any more to buy local currency from 1st of Oct 2003. An evidence of the trip – copy of air ticket/ itinerary/ letter from the travel agent (required for Package visa only). Prepaid Self -Addressed Envelope (Fed Ex/ USPS-Express Mail/ DHL/ UPS/ Airborne) (Payment arranged through Credit Cards are not accepted).

These include the Rohingya in northern Rakhine State, who are officially classified as stateless, Other challenges include a systemic lack of expertise—most of the civil servants who worked on the 19 censuses are now retired, low levels of awareness among the population about the census, and the difficulty of reaching areas with active fighting such as Kachin State, Shan State and Kayin State.

Burmese government is planning to count Burmese refugees living in Thailand, which is estimated to be around 130,000 people, and Burmese nationals living abroad in the 2014 census.

As a result, several thousands of people (many of whom were hill-tribe peoples) in border regions were never counted.

Another challenge is to ensure that everyone, regardless of his or her citizenship, is counted.

Tourist visas are valid to stay 28 days in Myanmar and can be extended in Yangon. APPLICATION TIME may take one to three days to obtain your entry visa depending on the embassy you apply, application time and current regulations. There are two kinds of tourist visa, Entry Visa Tourist (Package) and FIT (Foreign Independent Tourist).