Taken as Google's camera-equipped Street View car drove down a street in Miami, Florida, this latest in a long line of odd Google photos shows a naked woman standing on her front porch with a bottle of what looks like water.

The action obscures her face, but the rest of her body remains unblurred.

Typically, Google Street View pixelates faces, license plates and other potentially identifying information.

'Working exclusively in the 'horror' genre, 'Ginger' maintained a familiarity with creating monsters that translated perfectly when tasked with creating Donald Trump.' INDECLINE, which was founded in 2001, commissioned Monroe back in April to create the five life-size, nude states of Trump for a project called 'The Emperor Has No B***s'.

The completed works appeared in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle on Thursday morning, before authoritative figures in each city called for them to be taken down.

However, this nude photo somehow slipped by Google's censors.

The Smoking Gun pointed out the mistake on Friday, September 9 and noted that by September 10, a "pixelation shroud" had been placed over the woman in the photo.

In the more mainstream world religions it's reserved for two married people and not up for debate.

Most people don't think about their God having sex (in most major world religions, God's sex life is non-existent; it's believed he brought forth the universe by his word, and in one major group of religions (Christianity) even his son was brought forth by immaculate conception).

The "chapters" include: Perhaps inspired by the title of the book, Stewart's collaboration with The Daily Show's team, America (The Book), actually included doctored "naked pictures" of the nine members of the Supreme Court.