I did go out with another guy the next night who From the Victorian dating guide to the books being released today, surprisingly, not much has changed when it comes to dating advice.

“It’s still the idea that you’re not meant to have all your eggs in one basket and that you should play the field a little bit while also making the guy pursue you,” Pimentel says.

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Congrats to Sherrich Monsher for her growing success in her book Wolves In Suits What your mamma didn’t tell you…and your friends don’t know is a new dating survival guide designed to empower women to stop old dating behaviors that end in disappointment and help you detect a good man vs. A third generation Caribbean American, and Atlanta, GA native, Sherrich Monsher is a published author, doctoral student, and founder of Share The Rich, LLC.

If you’re looking for the secret on how to get the guy of your dreams and keep him attracted to you and only you, there’s a new dating guide out that is right up your alley.

basically doesn’t let you show any interest in the guy.” She couldn’t express her opinions, and even had to cut the date short to abide by the three-hour time limit.

“He ended up telling my friend I was nice, but seemed completely uninterested in him.

Look, it’s no secret that women have to control the relationship even if the man thinks he’s in charge.

Her proven methods have helped millions of single women find their Prince Charming. Click Bank and Patti are running a special contest to celebrate the launch of is the ultimate dating guide to having the relation you’ve always dreamed of.

LOS ANGELES - May 19, 2015 - PRLog -- Bestselling author G. Lambert has followed up his critically acclaimed book, the Buzz Feed & You Tube notorious, Ho Tactics: How to Mind F**k a Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring with a dating specific guide for women.

Lambert continues to utilize his out of the box, results driven advice by unleashing this new e Book aimed at women who are tired of male dating games and looking to break free.

“You can basically do whatever you want on it; there aren’t very many rules.” The rules that were in the book: having a job (easy enough) and having to be thin (Um…).

“There’s this horrible diet in there of pineapples and cottage cheese,” Pimentel says.

Even if a guy is completely in love with his girlfriend or wife, he may still cheat on her – it’s in their nature.