“I see a lot of us in them, in the story that they’re living out, I really do: the pressure becoming too much and needing to take a break; that’s exactly what happened to us.”It has been 34 years since the band formed in Birmingham released their eponymous first album, Duran Duran, and their third single, Girls On Film, stormed the charts to number 5.

With their MTV-driven designer image and new wave pop hits such as Rio and Hungry Like The Wolf leading a second British invasion in the US, they were the pin-ups of their generation; defining the 1980s with their killer haircuts and haute couture.

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I show my kids the films and I say, ‘That’s me, there, in the middle of that sea of people’.” That said, the 56-year-old father-of-three, who has been married to model Yasmin for 30 years, does not think they deserve to be defined by that era any longer.“Ten years ago that might have been the case but I think people are starting to think, hey, this is a band that’s been around for 35 years, they’re not just this band who came up with some number ones in the 1980s.”Decades on and Rhodes, 53, insists nothing has changed, except the level of hysteria: “I think there’s a misconception about this whole, ‘This is the life we once led’ thing. Aside from some of the hysteria, nothing’s changed.”The band’s newly-released 14th studio album Paper Gods features collaborations with Nile Rodgers of Chic fame, Uptown Funk producer Mark Ronson and fellow Brummy musician Mr Hudson, who has worked with Kanye West.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’s guitarist John Frusciante asked to play on the album while Lindsay Lohan even has a cameo role on the tongue-in-cheek track Danceophobia.

So we said, “Right,let’s get Timbaland.” The session was less than a week, and we came outwith three songs. The worst thing that ever happened wasa pork pie got thrown during an argument in 1980. We weren’t carried along by thiswave of fervor…or favor. We had a chance to polish our professional skills live because wedidn’t have the screaming thing going on.

We thought, “God, if it can be as quick and painlessas that, then let’s do some more.” People don’t tend to come to blows with Nick. I can’t say who wasinvolved; that would be unprofessional. You used to be able to walkto the front of the stage and just wave your cock around, and it woulddrive the whole audience crazy.

Le Bon admits it was hard sharing the limelight with other singers such as Janelle Monae and Kiesza.

“I’d always been very resistant to collaborations because it’s always going to be me sharing a microphone with somebody.Mr Justice Arnold in the High Court ruled English laws of contract barred them from seeking to reclaim rights over their own works.On Friday, the same judge gave permission for an appeal against his decision. The group said they were particularly pleased to get the go-ahead as the ruling had an impact on the wider creative community and particularly their songwriting peers around the world.I’d held on to it quite jealously over the years, but it’s added something to the band.Since their early-’80s heyday as de rigueur New Romantic pinups, Duran Duran have sometimes found chart success as easy as — to borrow one oftheir more memorable lyrics — a nuclear war.However, the band’s 12thstudio album, Red Carpet Massacre(Epic) — featuring production by Timbaland and vocals and songwritingcontributions from Justin Timberlake — aims to return Simon Le Bon and Co. “Yes, it’s calculated,” says the48-year-old singer, sipping tea in the massive garden of his South London home.