A little-known Japanese island is set to feel the wrath of feminists.

Not because local residents host beauty pageants or open doors for women, but because the land is reserved exclusively for men.

Groups of friends congregate, strip down to their speedos, share snacks and drinks, pose, promenade, people watch, and work on their tans.

Nudist men only-3

In essence; respect the privacy of other members, do not touch unless invited, and be respectful at all times. For instance men must wear a collard shirt to enter the club on any day.

Our entire staff takes great pride in the sexy, safe, and inviting atmosphere of Club Privata. Please take a moment to fully read and understand all club rules prior to your visit.

Less experience with camping: experience how carefree camping can be. Would you like more luxury: you can choose for the living wagon or the apartment. Wear the clothes you like or have a stripeless tan. Like the other guests, you can really feel free to enjoy yourself. Big pans, a big stove, a big skillet, big bowls are available.

Cooking together If you like, why not cook for other guests? Peter&Wim can take the buying receipt and pass it on evenly on the invoice of the guests who joined the meal.

At Club Privata, the enjoyment, privacy and security of our guests are always our primary focus.

In order to maintain this exciting, safe, and secure atmosphere, it is imperative that our club members share in these same club priorities at all times.Beaches with description of men zones Many maps of the region, shopping and restaurants, history of the plantation and the region, etc. Because they have the plantation, they have everything at hand. Like in the Adventure factory, or in one the 5 castles in the region Regularly threre are events and festivities. If you like to, Peter or Wim can give a comprehensive tour over the campground and it's facilities.There is Wifi all over the campground and there is a PC to look up what ever you need to know. And they have a lot of experience, also on the plantation, to keep everyone happy going on. They can help with putting up the tent and other difficult start up things.If treated with respect, they are believed to offer health, wealth and academic success.Shrouded in mystery and superstition, diligent practice is said to connect modern-day Japan to its ancient past.What's perhaps less well-known is that as well as being a hot-spot for outdoor sex, Hampstead Heath is also a major centre for outdoor swimming - options include: Parliament Hill Lido; the Mixed Pond; the Ladies' Pond; and the Men's Pond.