Medieval combat has been alive and well in Champaign-Urbana since 1989 thanks to the loyal subjects of the Realm of Numenor.

Numenor Foam Fighting is a Registered Student Organization at the University of Illinois and just one of the many “realms” across the country that play Belegarth, a game of medieval combat reenactment.

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The months and days, therefore, throughout The Lord of the Rings refer to the Shire Calendar. Mid-year’s Day was intended to correspond as nearly as possible to the summer solstice. This allows it to stay in sync with the Gregorian calendar so that most Shire Reckoning dates will always fall on the same Gregorian date.

In that case the Shire dates were actually in advance of ours by some ten days… Additionally, these calendars always reckon their dates from midnight to midnight, just as our modern Gregorian calendar and the Shire Calendar reckon dates.

The cover design represents a Nmenorean helmet (karma), and is taken from the original coloured drawing by J. The collection is divided into four parts: Part One: The First Age (pages 15-162), Part Two: The Second Age (163-268), Part Three: The Third Age (269-374), and Part Four (375-415).

Tolkien, which he entitled: 'Helmet of a captain of the Uinendili, helm made of overlapping plates of metal, the 'fish-crest' of leather embossed and coloured' printed on the back flap of the dustjacket.

I do hope that in a couple of months I will be able to return and have this mod released; the period, subject, scenarios would have made it a fantastic mod that I would really want to play as a genuine Total War / Tolkien fan :).

On the other hand, if anyone else whishes to take over, pm me. Theo No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

Yeah, they’re kinda hard to miss, usually hosting battles on UIUC’s South Quad or at the Japan House when weather permits.

Belegarth’s gameplay consists of everything from one-to-one tournaments to large battles with hundreds of fighters.

Indeed, I can't think of anything made in Numenor, itself, that has lasted into the third age, or that contributed to the performance of some great deed. While Gondolon might not be as technologically advanced as Numenor, that which they made was that much mightier. found in The Hobbit contained some of the swords of Gondolon, which were later used for some pretty significant deeds.