however, this post-ipo focus may overlook the fact that the company potentially may face liability exposures if, like the company here, it fails to complete the planned offering.a leading innovator with side a coverage, we provide the solid assurance directors and officers need.Enforcement Experience: Gerry has considerable enforcement experience, which includes representing both companies and individuals in cases and investigations involving FCPA, disclosures, insider trading, market manipulation, accounting controls, and use of promotors.

Three British bankers who were extradited to the United States will stand trial in 2007 on allegations that they stole from their former employer in connection with an Enron-related transaction.

There may be new trials for several former Enron executives whose earlier proceedings ended in mistrials. And the civil lawsuit against Enron’s investment banks (the ones not yet settled) is pending.

He has also represented companies in litigation over corporate control, including hostile tender offers and proxy solicitations.

Gerry also has represented corporations as plaintiffs and has recovered on their behalf millions of dollars in judgments, settlements, mediations and arbitrations.

Gerry regularly represents Fortune 500 companies and their officers and directors.

Litigation Experience: Gerry has extensive experience litigating in federal and state court and before arbitration panels, having tried over 30 matters to judgment.

the association is then left without any continuity and if the by-laws have not been updated and changes memorialized, the association will end up spending far more in reaching compliance.

The practice of “backdating” stock option grants has recently captured the attention of regulators, prosecutors, the plaintiffs’ bar, shareholders and the media.

few understand the breadth of liabilities, their personal risk, and the potential remedies.