This war occurred on some of todays most visited and beautiful country in central Kimberley, such as the Lennard River, Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge, and across the rugged King Leopold, Oscar and Napier Ranges.

This is a land known for boab palms, spinifex and saltwater crocodiles, and raging torrents of water with two distinct seasons, the wet generally in the months from November to April and the dry, from May to October.

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Robin Hood, the quip-trading, do-gooding gentleman-archer, who robs from the rich only to hand over the loot to the poor, is well-known to all of us, and yet when you try to pin down a real man, doing real deeds, at a real time in history, he proves extraordinarily illusive.

In the search for him, one feels as frustrated as the sheriff of Nottinghamshire, ever taunted by his mocking laughter, but never able to lay metaphorical hands on him as he slips away through the trees back into the wilderness.

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In the newspapers, any criminal claimed to have a heart of gold is always a Robin Hood, any Chancellor tinkering with the tax system is Photo-Shopped into a jaunty, green feathered hat.

So who was this man, and why does he continue to exert such a pull on our imaginations?

The warrior Jandamarra was borne into the world around the year 1873.