Whatever it is, there’s something about the intimacy of a personal training session that can bring out the flirt in you.But what happens if you do pull more than a muscle?

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'The average age is 26 and so it's quite a young, vibrant industry but there is one very strict rule for every single person I train - 'no sex with clients' - and anyone refusing to agree will be shown the door without exception.'If a patient started seeing their doctor or physician it would be at the very least frowned upon, and would no doubt cause outrage among his peers and other patients, yet it seems the same rules don't apply to our industry.

But it's something that not only breaks up marriages, but also casts our industry in a somewhat seedy light.

There I was on my back, mid core move, wailing about the fact my boyfriend still fancied his ex. But here’s the catch: “We’re paid to be nice,” says PT and WH Guy Next Door James Hardy.

RULE NO.1: Understand that any compliments he/she gives you is part of their job – not a foil to get you into bed.

I’m a grown women but I morphed into a giggly, simpering mess.

I got up early to do my make-up before each session – just to sweat it off again. And there’s often a lot of hands-on contact on the trainer’s part.If you watch the Bravo television series “Workout,” you’ve seen the entertaining and sensationalized side of gym-culture, spliced in with some of the realities of personal training. It’s just an easy environment to date in.” Perhaps you’ve seen this slippery slope before?Recently the series called into question the ramifications of intimate relationships in the workplace. After all, a successful fitness training relationship relies on personal knowledge of the client, trust in the trainer, close physical proximities, and honest conversation.These ethical policies are discussed in our semester-long certification program, reiterated at the start of every school year or whenever a new trainer is hired, and documented in the handbook.Some of the trainers laugh when this is brought up (since some are likely enticed by the allure they anticipate having as a personal trainer!Maybe it’s the acres of sweaty flesh and rippling muscles, maybe it’s the coursing endorphins, the thumping music and skin-tight outfits…