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The family's idyllic country estate, and the warm reception Chris receives -- including from Rose's mom (Catherine Keener), a therapist who offers to use hypnosis to help him kick his smoking habit -- initially comes across as welcoming, if perhaps trying a bit too hard.

Think Woody Allen meeting Diane Keaton's clan in "Annie Hall."Gradually, though, things begin to get weird, including the strange looks cast Chris' way by the two African American servants (Betty Gabriel, Marcus Henderson), and the gathering of wealthy friends at which the family seems a little too eager to show Chris off.

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It is in the public domain in the United States as well as countries and areas where the copyright terms of anonymous or pseudonymous works are 94 years or less since publication.* French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923). Source: Although anonymous, almost certainly in the public domain due to its age.

n this tour we explore Albanian’s culture capital and one of the oldest cities in Europe: Shkodra.

Photography and art fans will find it particularly fascinating.With "Get Out," writer-director-producer Jordan Peele -- half of the "Key & Peele" comedy team -- has delivered a bracing debut, a horror movie infused with biting social commentary and disarming humor.Owing a debt to several culturally significant horror touchstones, most notably "The Stepford Wives," the film niftily probes how African Americans are treated by well-meaning whites, before the slightly awkward exchanges and tone-deaf references give way to something considerably creepier lurking beneath the neatly manicured surface.Please use this template only if the author never claimed authorship or his/her authorship never became public in any other way.If the work is anonymous or pseudonymous (e.g., published only under a corporate or organization's name), use this template for images published more than 70 years ago.Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei is best known for his multimedia contemporary art, and for his resistance to the Chinese government.