This plugin allows you to create and edit tagset presets for Lightroom's metadata viewer.

That is, it allows you to pick and choose which metadata items Lightroom should show for each photo, and in what order they should be shown.

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That application continues to work, but this plugin should prove to be more convenient.

Also, this plugin incorporates the ability to include the custom metadata from other Lightroom plugins in your presets, a feature that I have not gotten around to update the online tool with.

This plugin is currently in , without much documentation.

Mini Instructions After installing it, you'll see a “Configure Metadata-View Presets” button in the Plugin Manager itself.

This plugin works in Lightroom 6/CC (and older versions as far back as to the upper right for the download link (in orange) and installation instructions.

This plugin is an in-Lightroom version of the web-based preset editor that I published a couple of years ago.

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Nearly every PC Musician now uses a VST-compatible host application, so there are a lot of people out there installing new VST plug-ins and instruments on a regular basis.

Installing a plug-in or instrument is generally a pain-free experience: all you do is drop the appropriate DLL file into the appropriate VST plug-ins folder, and the next time you launch your sequencer the new device will be detected and added to the list of those available.

Each of the following posts covers a different area.