For currently filled positions, the form should be completed jointly by both the incumbent and the supervisor.

purpose of updating job descriptions-4

Some job descriptions will include reference to outcomes or results that the employee should generate, such as sales goals or the number of client hours charged.

Typically, qualifications like the skills, knowledge, education, certifications, level of prior experience, and physical demands for the job are also incorporated.

COLLEGE/DIVISION/DEPARTMENT Please list the College/Division and Organization name from the HR system that the position will be associated with. What is the main function or overall purpose of the job?

POSITION CONROL NUMBER (if known) If you are completing the JDQ for an existing job, please state the PC number. ) In 1-3 sentences, briefly describe the main purpose of the job beginning with an action verb.

Employees who refuse to do more than their job description specifically states can create avoidable headaches for their employers.

By including “and other duties as assigned” to a job description, the employer can add new tasks to the position as are needed.All positions must have a job description which defines the purpose, scope and level of impact, describes the work to be performed (i.e., essential functions, job-related qualifications), outlines specific responsibilities and duties, summarizes the competencies (i.e., knowledge, skills and abilities) required, and articulates the FLSA exemption status, working conditions, and mental and physical requirements.The job description template provides a consistent format for summarizing a position, percentage of time dedicated to specific responsibilities, and provides a common platform for the job evaluation process.In many cases, employers do have the right to change job descriptions to meet the needs of their organization.Most employers will develop job descriptions to formalize their expectations for the work efforts of employees in specific roles.The purpose of the Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ) is to gather information about the duties and responsibilities that are assigned to a staff job.