Her Instagram is littered with envy-inducing snaps of her flawless physique.And Chloe Madeley displayed her fine form yet again, as she took to the popular social media platform on Tuesday in a crop top and barely-there black underwear.

The exercise guru shared a saucy snap of her at the beginning of her gym journey and now clad in skimpy underwear to exhibit her impressive metamorphosis.

Updating her social media followers on her progress, she revealed she's eight weeks into her strict 12-week diet and exercise plan as she stood in her Victoria's Secret 'Pink' branded intimates.

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And I know that for a fact because in week 8 I had ALL my #bloods, urine, #hormones , swabs, every single internal test you can imagine having, I had it done.'And guess what?

I came out with ⭐️⭐️⭐️ in every, single, category.'HOWEVER, the above being said, IF you love #training like a f****** nutcase eventually it DOES become hard , #physically , to do so at such a low bodyfat, #calorie count, #carb %, etc...'Mentally, yes , I COULD maintain this...

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The 29-year-old fitness fanatic worked her angles in two side-by-side snaps as she gushed about being the 'lightest and leanest' she's ever been.