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A list of the best movies about the horrifying subject of pedophelia, ranked by movie fans with film trailers when available.

Obviously this is a disgusting subject to make a film about, but sometimes the only way to spread awareness is through art.

The boat ride ends in a steep 50-foot plunge, with a double-dip that adds a few seconds of actual airtime to that 36 mph drop.

RELATED: Over 25 years ago, Six Flags Fiesta Texas was just a quarry Of course the real highlight is the resulting giant splash — a towering 20-foot wave of water that washes over spectators on the nearby pedestrian bridge for the perfect cool down on a hot summer’s day.

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It’s the kind of memorable soak that’s even preserved in cinema.

The Power Surge and its climatic splash were featured in the 1994 Disney film “Blank Check” in a scene where 11-year-old main character Preston Waters (pun intended?

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