The tower was the company’s first contract in the space sector and heralded the beginning of a successful program that will celebrate 50 years of operations in 2017.ISEE-2 is the first satellite with on-board SENER equipment and was launched in 1977 to study the Earth’s magnetic fields.

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SENER designed and built this facility for the European Space Research Organisation (the former European Space Agency).

The success of the project is shown by the fact that the tower remains in service today.

It was sent in Turkish and English by the British ambassador to Ankara, Richard Moore, and read: “Tulips in Istanbul heralding spring. ” Accompanying it was a picture of a bank of tulips blooming outside the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul.

But for television sports anchor Ertem Sener the message had a much more menacing significance according to the Turkish .

In this joint NASA (North American National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and ESA (European Space Agency mission), SENER provided a deployable cable for one of the satellite’s antennas.

For the ELA 1 launch platform, SENER was responsible for the assembly and integration of the umbilical tower, a metal structure that supports the cables and pipes that supply energy and fuel to the rocket.Mindre kjent er det at enhver muskel er forbundet til skjelettet via muskelsener, og uten muskelsener ville ikke musklene kunne skape bevegelse forklarer professoren på NIH-bloggen.Mange løpere unngår styrketrening for å ha minst mulig å dra på.He tweeted to his 849,000 followers that the words were intended to show support for the failed military coup against Mr Erdogan in July 2016 and as an encouragement to “No” voters in the referendum.“This is how they are giving a message to Turkey,” said Mr Sener.Basert på forskning på muskelsenene har fagfolk konkludert med at senene vokser og blir stivere hvis de belastes med daglig bevegelse og trening, spesielt styrketrening.