Attempted Rape of a Child Second Degree and Communicating with a Minor for Immoral Purposes Seattle Defense Attorneys.

Internet chat rooms and commercial Web sites such as Facebook, Craigslist, My Space, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and various dating web sites can be great places to meet interesting people and make new friends.

Unlike Tinder, Spotafriend claims to be an app for making friends rather than finding dates.

Teens may be naive about the permanence of photos they send using the popular social media application Snapchat.

(Photo by Ildar Sagdejev via Wikipedia/Creative Commons)----By BETH DALBEY (Patch Staff) Social media apps are ever changing and it’s hard for parents to keep up on the codes teens use to keep them in the dark about they’re saying as their fingertips furiously tap the touch screens on their smartphones and tablets.

The American Academy of Pediatrics found texting and sexting are a “normal” part of adolescent sexual development, but that doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t worry.

2 concerns parents who may be – and experts say, should be – monitoring their teens’ social media use.

Please remember this is fun chat don't insult or use bad language when chatting with other people.

At the moment, Plus Guidance does not provide a service for under-18s.

We know it’s difficult to seek help when you’re in distress or don't know what to do, so we thought we’d help you along the way to some other organisations that can help.

They're also a great place to meet the state and federal law enforcement officers who are looking for people willing to have sexual chat with fictitious teenagers.