Haynes is also charged with distributing other images and videos of children being sexually assaulted over the Internet in 2014.

After his arrest by the Chester County Criminal Investigation Division, Haynes was released on bail.

Simon and Jude Parish in Westtown for about a year, until the time of his arrest, in February 2015. Around 2010, Haynes posed as a 15-year old girl named “Katie” on a teen pen pal site on Instagram.

Weiner's appetite for sexting with minors has brought shame and disgrace to him and his family.

His personal problems were further compounded when his wife separated from him. Very soon, Weiner will be a registered sex offender.

A longtime UCLA athletics official resigned amid allegations that he “engaged in inappropriate conduct,” the university said in a statement released Tuesday to The Times.

UCLA Associate Athletic Director Michael Sondheimer resigned June 27 after being placed on administrative leave June 3, the statement said.

For decades he was in charge of the department's compliance with NCAA rules and UCLA guidelines on academic admissions and on-campus recruiting, the biography said.

Sondheimer was “involved in all aspects of the academic and admissions process for prospective student-athletes,” the biography said.

The federal case was investigated by the FBI in conjunction with the Chester County Criminal Investigative Division.

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