This page provides a toolkit and resources for healthcare providers using the Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium's (MQIC) Guideline, "Prevention of Pregnancy in Adolescents 12-17 Years." Providers not using the guideline will also find valuable information and resources on adolescent sexual health.

Understanding adolescents is the first step in providing effective sexual health counseling and education.

The Patient Portal is a secure, confidential, and easy-to-use website that gives patients and their families 24-hour access to their medical records.

Sexual encounters include any consensual sexual contact.

For outcomes of Sam's encounters check Peen of Death.

If you have a learning tool that you would like us to add to our online database, please submit for our staff to review and evaluate.

Abusers often use the threat of immigration enforcement as a way to maintain power and control and to make victims less likely to seek protection.

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