Take a recent statistic like this for example: did you know that a whopping 88% of all single gay men are actively searching for a romantic partner?

That means there are more of you who are commitment-minded than who aren’t. The solution to that is less complicated than you might think too, and mostly it has to do with not being afraid to break out of your social circle and meet new people, not with anything that’s specifically “wrong” or “lacking” about you.

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I was happy people still thought of me but it was actually pretty tiresome and exhausting.

Despite the optimism and encouragement of others, I started to lose hope. Too many times I’d either wasted my time or gotten my hopes up – only to be disappointed.

It’s true with relationships, and generally, I find also true with life.

So, for the sake of not overcomplicating things or reinventing the wheel…I’m here to tell you that finding a mate is far more simple than you probably think it is.

Everyone was always telling me, when I get married, things will change hardcore.

I mean, it was easy at first because we already lived together and stuff, but then, like a year in, things did change. We didn't talk as much or as nicely to each other as we used to. The excitement started to die, and I was really worried we wouldn't make it.

But for some guys who met “the one” in college, or before they were legally old enough to rent a car, getting married in their 20s was their next step, regardless of their age or their friends' relationship statuses.

So if you're on the fast track toward tying the knot before your 30th birthday, take some advice from these seven guys who got married in their 20s: Listen to your girl when she speaks. If not, you will have no idea what is going on, ever, and it will be the cause of every single fight.

And because I believe everyone deserves lasting love in their lives, I’ve made a point of reaching out to the gay community to offer my help and my services.

Especially since in this industry, overall you realize that whether gay or straight everyone is usually looking for the same things: love and acceptance for who they are.

After going through my last breakup, I finally paused to ask myself why I’m always falling for real winners.