According to the lawsuit, 'The Big Bang Theory,' one of the highest-rated shows on television, used lyrics written by Newlin in the 1930s without buying the rights.

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I was born, as they say, at a very young age, on the farm at my Grandma Martin's house in Winchester, New Hampshire.

We moved to Brattleboro, Vermont prior to my turning 6 months old. That means I'm not a native "Vamonta." Hey, it wasn't my fault. I was known by them as their "little big brother" or "big little brother" in that today I have grown to 6'4" and up to 221 pounds.

He has tried to keep in mmd tlie meaning of the motto of the Prentice Arms, " llight — and Forward." Many of the Prentice or Prentiss family, have been an ornament to Franklin's profession. " De Jocalibus et Yestimentis Capellse Regis." Also, John Prentys, Rector of Winterborn, Bradston, Aug. The first one of the name yet found in America was Yalentixe Prentice, who came over with the *' Apostle" Elliot, in 1631, with his wife, Alice, and son, John, (another child having died on the passage,) and settled in Roxbury, Mass. Roger Harlakenden, in Cambridge^ and had a legacy of 40s. Robert Prentice resided in Roxbury, and was buried, per Church records, 3, 12, 1665, and appears to have been comiected with Capt.

Our Margaritas restaurant in Keene, New Hampshire is perhaps the most historically significant out of all the Margaritas locations.

The house was at times a boarding house, a lunch business frequented by Rudyard Kipling, the Crystal Restaurant, and for many years was a restaurant called Henry David’s. It is rumored that Cynthia Dunbar’s ghost still haunts the building, most often found in the older areas of the restaurant where the original kitchen would have been.

In addition to its Henry David Thoreau claim to fame, Keene is known for its proximity to Mt. Right next door to Margaritas is the Colonial Theater and 10 minutes away is the Cheshire Fairgrounds.

I am a converted Vamonta though and my dad was born in Montgomery Center! I was the "baby boy" of a family of seven kids at the time. Can you imagine getting ready for school while three of your sisters prepared themselves?

We also had twin brothers, Craig and Curt, stillborn on February 7, 1949.

The nursery rhyme which has become a staple on the show as Sheldon Cooper's (Jim Parsons) favorite nighttime lullaby, has according to the lawsuit, also appeared on merchandise for the show including t-shirts, air fresheners and even a "Soft Kitty" contest that asked fans to record videos of themselves singing the song.