So the conclusion must be it was a random attack – we just don’t know.’ With Smart TVs now having built in webcam capabilities – just like with any other webcam – it is becoming important to think about the safety of that webcam, and to acknowledge just how easy it is for an embarrassing cyber attack to take place if the proper precautions aren’t taken.One huge problem is the ease with which ordinary computer users can access software for hacking webcams.This penetration can either be with the attacker's body or with an object.

Skype cam hack sex-50

Microsoft has refused to give details on the problem, but reports by CNET suggest that a DDo S attack may be the cause.

CNET has referred to tweets by a group of cyber criminals, called Cyber Team, who tweeted: 'Skype down by Cyber Team.

Most people have heard the famous saying ‘get a room.’ Now, due to the actions of cybercriminals, the phrase is taking on a more modern meaning that has got quite a few people worried that they may be the next viral internet sensation. While most people are aware that hackers can use malware to take over a laptop or PC webcam, they may not realise that hackers have been discovered hacking Smart TVs in order to get footage of couples having sex on the sofa.

With that in mind (if you own a Smart TV or laptop with a webcam) the next time you start to get hot under the collar while watching your favorite TV show with your partner: You may want to move through to the bedroom or else face the very real possibility that you could end up an Internet porn star.

When the inevitable happens, is there a legal framework to deal with such a crime? In the US, the law varies from state to state, but the FBI and Title 10 of the United States Uniform Code of Military Justice both reflect a common standard.

For rape to occur, there needs to be penetration of a person's anus or genitals (the FBI includes "mouth" in its definition).

Passiert das nicht, drohen die Erpresser/innen das Video an Facebook-Freund/innen weiterzuleiten oder bei You Tube online zu stellen.

Die Gießener Polizei vermutet hinter den „Sex-Erpressungen“ eine organisierte Betrügerbande, die aus dem Ausland agiert.

A group of cyber criminals has claimed that they are behind the attack, but this is yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

Scroll down for video Skype has crashed for millions of people around the world, following recent updates by Microsoft.

Schon nach kurzer Zeit wird die vermeintlich flirtwillige, junge Frau offensiver und fordert ihren männlichen Flirtpartner dazu auf, die Unterhaltung doch per Videochat (z. Gleichzeitig verlangt sie von ihrem Gegenüber, sich auch zu entkleiden und sexuelle Handlungen an sich selbst vorzunehmen.