In short: Overwhelmingly unimpressive and not particularly dating-friendly. Some folks eyes lit up at the end of the evening when vegan cupcakes came out, others begged off saying they avoid sugar or that the treats were too sweet.) But folks weren’t there for the food.

UX Speed Dating is a monthly event where tech professionals get to present a product to three users for in-person feedback.

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But all that science, it turns out, isn’t quite so scientific.

“There is one fundamental problem with all of these algorithms,” said Eli Finkel, a psychologist at Northwestern University who studies relationships.

“They have set themselves up with an impossible task: They assume that they can take information from two people who are totally unaware of each other’s existence and determine whether they are compatible.

That is completely false.” There is no evidence, Finkel said, that dating sites do anything much more than increase the pool of potential partners, and with that the odds of finding a match.

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Then along came online dating, which suggested a less mystical view of the matchmaking process.

EHarmony, for example, was founded by a clinical psychologist who felt most marriages that ended involved people whose personalities were too different.