If you wait until you have all money collected from your team mates, there may be no places left.

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That will keep your body in good shape and your mind honed. There are tournaments and festivals throughout the UK.

THE LORD’S TAVERNERS TEAM UP WITH TAG RUGBY TRUST TO PROVIDE SPORTS KIT TO OVER 1,600 PEOPLE The Lord’s Taverners has teamed up with Tag Rugby Trust to benefit young people across the globe by providing them with the kit required to play rugby.

To establish the programme, volunteers visit the beneficiaries to provide training, structural advice and importantly, deliver the much needed kit to enable them to continue playing.

Thanks to the kind donation from Tri Distribution to the Lord’s Taverners sports kit recycling scheme, over 60 bags of 23kg have been delivered to Tag Rugby Trust overseas tours.

Martin Hansford, Chairman of the Tag Rugby Trust, presented the Lord’s Taverners donated team strips to teachers and pupils at the tournament for Zimbabwe schools.

He commented: “Identity, pride and the ability to look like a team are the key contributions that giving kit makes, and these drive positive behaviours in children.

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Don’t forget that, if you were captain of a team in the Spring, Summer or L8 Summer Leagues, you will have accumulated Loyalty Points, which give you money off discounts when registering for D4 Strand Tag Blitz.

If your tag team is not available to play in the D4 Strand Tag Blitz, then why not join another team for the day! Simply choose "Sandymount, D4" as your City and you will then see the teams we are putting together for the blitz.

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