The opposite of tentatively is certainly, a word that indicates no hesitation.

It clearly indicates when your builder expects to finish the home and the latest possible dates for permitted extensions.• The First Tentative Occupancy Date – The anticipated date that your condominium unit will be completed and ready for you to move in, as agreed upon by you and your builder.

Your builder can set one or more Tentative Occupancy Dates.• Final Tentative Occupancy Date – If the current Tentative Occupancy Date cannot be met, a Final Tentative Occupancy Date must be set within 30 days of roof completion.

"A strike would harm the children we're all here to serve.

It would halt the great progress that our kids are making, and it would create an enormous burden for CPS families."CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey said a contract settlement hinges on the city providing more money to schools from sources such as tax increment financing districts, and tried to place blame for a potential strike squarely in Emanuel's lap."We know that Rahm Emanuel has it within his power to solve this problem," Sharkey said.

At our board meeting on 9/8/2008, we agreed that our top priority for the coming year was money moved, with research as a secondary priority.

After several months pursuing the plan linked directly above, we felt that we were prioritizing our time and resources badly, and that we weren't on the best possible path to our eventual goal.

attempts were made to turn the conversation to the events of the day, and a few indiscreet questions were asked; but Muishkin replied to everybody with such simplicity and good-humour, and at the same time with so much dignity, and showed such confidence in the good breeding of his guests, that the indiscreet talkers were quickly silenced.

way in which she moved, together with her sober black dress, showed that she belonged to the lower orders; nevertheless she took up a rock-like position, looking about her to see that no gentry were near before she delivered her message, which had reference to the state of the sheets, and was of the utmost gravity.

We created a "vision document" outlining our eventual goal in more concrete terms than we had before; a new business plan, featuring an emphasis on research as opposed to marketing; and a "transition document" laying out what we had learned and why we felt a change of course was appropriate.