It will be impossible to establish whether any decrease in TB is as a result of killing badgers or purely as a result in enforcing better farm practices.

The animal welfare charity began a probe after the Murrays were spotted acting suspiciously with dogs on a hillside in February 2012.

Officers swooped on their homes in Larkhall, Lanarkshire, and removed a number of items believed to be related to badger-baiting, including dogs, shovels and metal cages used to catch animals.

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DEAR EDITOR I refer to the proposed badger cull in Wales, supposedly set up to lessen bovine TB.

I am surprised that Elin Jones AM and Christianne Glossop, the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, can set up a scheme without any controls and therefore unscientific and worthless.

“You think of badgers as these cuddly, bumbling creatures that live on grubs and berries, but they are predators and will hunt small rabbits and hedgehogs.

“Please watch out for your pets if they are kept outside and keep hutches at least three feet off the ground.” The following night, at about 9.30pm, the Burchells’ cat Dusty began growling by the front door and the hens were squawking. Three bantams were dead and the others were badly injured.” The badger escaped and the three injured bantams had to be put down.

I hope that one of his first tasks will be to call in this barbaric, callous and contemptible scheme and reduce the disgrace that it has already brought to Wales. Readers’ comments: You are personally liable for the content of any comments you upload to this website, so please act responsibly.