Clifford, from Hersham, Surrey, denies the allegations and says claims against him are a "load of lies".

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Two sit side by side on the top and are spongy so they can accommodate the blood that’s pumped into them.

The third chamber runs along the underside and accommodates the urethra, which leads from the bladder to the outside world, as well as conducting sperm.

I have re-entered the dating world after ending a 20 year relationship a little over 2 years ago.

Made some wonderful new, good friends and even thought had met some potentials for a relationship. I just got a call this morning from man I was dating before January.

Please note that images of their endowment is for information purposes only.

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It exists to do three things: The penis is actually shaped like a wishbone, with the Y-shaped end anchored deeply and firmly within your abdomen. So while it seems benign when flaccid it can be steered from the hip when erect.

The three chambers Inside the penis are three chambers, running the length of the shaft.

He told me “I just miss your dick.” Recently I ended a dating relationship that I thought was starting off well.