When we're little, our parents share clear-cut rules: Don't talk to strangers, no playtime until the work is done, and eat everything on your plate.

As we get older, we realize that many of these childhood rules don't apply, and that we should even break a good number of them.

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But also, power to Selena Gomez for encouraging The Weeknd to be frugal! "It's really hard when I would want to spend so much time hiding things.

It's too much pressure, and I think everyone gets over everything eventually," the Gomez said in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest last month.

Country has never been as open to experimenting as it is right now – from Kacey Musgraves singing about same-sex kissing to Florida Georgia Line cruising with Nelly.

But the Nashville songwriting complex still operates on a series of codes and traditions you won’t find in rock, pop or any other genre.You've seen the headlines in your newsfeed: 8 Proven Tricks to Strengthen Your Marriage, 10 Traits Your Ideal Soul Mate Should Have, 36 Questions That Will Make You Fall in Love. And we’ll admit: The idea that following a formula or writing a checklist can help you find your one true love sounds pretty awesome.“Relationships and love are incredibly complicated and can bring with them uncertainty, so it can seem safer to follow a blueprint,” says Melody J.Wilding, a therapist who works with clients navigating the dating world.Fear sells, of course, but instructing people to, "Never do this or you'll ruin everything!" isn’t usually helpful when trying to build authentic relationships.Here's some advice if you'd like to try, too.