The hiring manager will see you now—that is, if your resume’s vitals are on point.To be considered for top medical receptionist jobs, resume expert Kim Isaacs says it helps to have a comprehensive resume.

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After avoiding the 7 deadly sins of résumé design, you may be asking, “If I can’t use crazy colors, clip art, and other types of decoration, how do I make my résumé stand out from the crowd?

” Like many things, the answer lies in the details.

Do you have a foolproof tip for a technical resume? Keep in mind that people read resumes about halfway down the page/screen before deciding if they are going to continue reading, save it for later or hit the delete button.

Anything marketable about you should be in the top third of the resume.

Since every big and small organization these days resort to technology, job opportunities in the network engineering field is growing.

However, securing a job in this challenging field doesn't only require knowledge of networking.

Technical summaries are more helpful, because the first person reading your resume could be non-technical and only knowledgeable enough to look for keywords. The descriptions of your positions should ideally be a mix of a broad overview and specific accomplishments.

However, there should not be a laundry list of technology you have ever heard about. Most companies want to see months, not just years — especially if you have some jumps or if you are currently unemployed (i.e. That way, recruiters will know what you did day-to-day, but also what effect your activities had on the overall company or department.

Network engineers are also called network administrator and are responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring computer networks.