All you need to get started is to know where you want your item shipped and start receiving all the free stuff online you want! Well you will probably be surprised to hear that all of these offers here are absolutely free!This scammer proceeded to actually follow through on his promise of the PC “not working” if they don’t agree to have him fix it, and so in a few quick steps, behind the user’s back, he enacted what is known as Sys Key encryption on the SAM registry hive.

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In this case, it’s mere guesswork, and it’s not even correct most of the time.

The Event Log is supposed to log warnings and errors, and even on the healthiest of PCs there are plenty of Error Events that can be safely ignored, as they often don’t amount to anything.

The problem is, unlike other scams, there is no way around the problem; you can’t simply remove the password, as the actual SAM hive has been encrypted entirely by the process.

If your Windows installation has had Sys Key activated, you’ll see the following message: The window which appears looks like this: The ONLY solution is to find a clean copy of the registry hives from before this occurred.

From the very beginning of Facebook's existence, there are questions about Zuckerberg's ethics.

According to Business, he used Facebook user data to guess email passwords and read personal email in order to discredit his rivals.

As you'll see, there's no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Essentially, they see their customers as unpaid employees for crowd-sourcing ad-targeting data. Facebook's has a documented history of unethical behavior.

in the United States in an effort to convince them that there is a problem with their PC and they’ll need to pay to have it fixed.