At the end of the day we are all called ‘friendship’ sites which has a lighter feel to it. Turkey has the highest Facebook usership in the world with over 90% of people using it.

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Overall, Turkey is the country in the world hosting the highest number of refugees, and has already spent significant financial resources on addressing this crisis.

A Joint EU-Turkey Action Plan was agreed in October and was activated at the EU-Turkey Summit on 29 November 2015.

We entered the market in 2006 and the concept was a local dating site based around city neighborhoods.

There’s about 35 million Internet users in Turkey at this time and about 1/3 are under 15. There’s actually no real translation for the word ‘dating’ in Turkey. Our users don’t want to really disclose their identity.

Candidate country In 1987, Turkey applied to join what was then the European Economic Community, and in 1997 it was declared eligible to join the EU.