Most major dating sites have their own unique way of allowing you to show interest in another member and is no different.

This site uses winks as their standard method for allowing members to show interest in other members.

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Finding the right person to date can be challenging.

Everyone has a different strategy on how to go about their pursuit of love.

The Edinburgh firm, which owns around 30 websites such as and, was forced to tell the stock market it was under scrutiny after shares crashed by as much as 13pc in morning trading.

The firm would not disclose details of the investigation.

Whatever the reason, a person in uniform is a big turn on to a lot of people.

Providing an online venue for those looking for love in the ‘uniformed’ sector, is Uniform Dating.

A basic membership will also allow you to see anybody that has liked our favorite and you and it will also let you receive emails and message requests the instant they happen.

You can also view the full profiles of other members.

Ma Longbottom was married to Maderia five years ago in Moston’s first same sex civil partnership but things have taken a turn for the worse in their relationship.

When she gets the news that Maderia has left her for Offal Joe who has the butchers stall on the market, Ma fears she will be lonely this Christmas.

There are no extra options with this tool it’s simply a matter of clicking on wink and the other member receives a notification that you sent it to them.