This floor tile is also common in kitchens like this.

There must of been a really BIG sale back in the 90’s when this stuff was popular!

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So every time we open them we have to put our hands on the actual door and not the knob. The cabinets directly below my sink have also seen more wear than other areas. But it takes only a few minutes to do so and I didn’t even take them off the hinges to do it.

We’ll just burn the house down when the boys move out. And they held up pretty well for the first two years. I think our biggest problem is that each of our doors and drawers still have child proof locks on them. But I do find the white cabinets get dirty around the knobs. I just sanded the area down a bit, just to get it smooth. I did have to repaint the entire front of that door or drawer front. Before I painted this kitchen the dated honey oak cabinets had water damage in a few areas.

There are so many options of granite, and some of them will clash with or actually further date your cherry cabinet kitchen.

First let’s start with a bit of a wood primer – not as in a short informative piece of writing.

Before plasma cars and hockey sticks made a daily appearance in my kitchen.

I find it makes cooking food for kids who never eat anything way more enjoyable.

I never understand those people on House Hunters who declare their hatred for white kitchen cabinets. I have painted my kitchen cabinets in my last three homes.

Friends walk into my kitchen and are always curious about painting their own kitchen cabinets.

Steven’s design created a stunning balance of style and storage and provided the flexibility needed to create a trend-forward kitchen that not only looks like a dream but also works like one too. I absolutely love and appreciate the high quality of this Kraft Maid kitchen and the creativity that Mr. He has put amazing details into this kitchen using Kraft Maids Harlowe door style in Maple with Onyx paint.