However, starting on August 12, we will no longer be able to offer hardware or software support and repair or return services for Moxi.

As a result, games, photos (Flickr), and Super Ticker will no longer function, but you should still be able to enjoy a variety of entertainment on your Moxi device through the guide and video service.

updating charters moxi box-25

I knew the interface would be more primitive than Fios - but (see attached) - this is almost ridiculous.

The fact that it looks like it's 2001 wasn't the biggest issue -the bigger issues were the lack of features. I showed that pic and asked if that was really the interface that all of long beach had (or was stuck with)?

and will enough hammer ARRIS or sign the petition to force a Replay?

Charter Communications has expanded the rollout of Spectrum Guide, its cloud-based user interface that relies on Active Video technology to deliver it to older QAM-locked set-tops as well as its newer IP-capable devices.

Charter is still working on the rollout plan of Spectrum Guide in the acquired systems, Rutledge said.

Early into the all-digital process after the deals close, Charter will “briefly pause” new digital rollouts in the legacy and newly acquired systems, and then restart the effort by deploying two-way set-tops everywhere, and discontinuing the deployment of one-way Digital Transport Adapters (DTAs), Rutledge said.

But is it true that I can't change interfaces since it's all dependent on where I live and everybody in Long Beach gets the same box? Now I know why everybody in this neighborhood has either satellite or Fios...

Or is there anyway to update this interface somehow to one of the other ones that Charter shows on their website? I lived in the same neighborhood (four blocks away) in 2006-7 and had the same Charter service but had a Moxi box that had features that looked decades beyond this new guide here in 2014. Hi - I just switched from Fios to Charter in Long Beach for the same triple package - but with a better channel lineup and less with Charter.

No real surprise here as there’s been very little retail activity while ARRIS instead leveraged their cable partnerships. If a DVR pioneer like Ti Vo has a difficult time finding success in Best Buy, a alternative wasn’t going to fly.