You should Print and/or Submit your current claims prior to upgrading.To download the upgrade to Helper 9.4, you must have an active Assurance Plan membership.

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According to the documentation, Quick Books Enterprise can also be installed on a Linux server with Windows clients, but we didn't test that option.

Each computer running QBE must also have Internet Explorer installed.

Choose a location for the folder that is separate from the location where installation files will install.

A good choice for a location and name is C:\QBCompany Data Files. Right click on the folder you created and select “Share” to open the File Sharing Properties window.

Setting up Quick Books Pro in a network environment is different from installing the software on a stand-alone computer workstation.

Network installation requires dividing software components between the computer you designate as the data file server and all remaining computer workstations, versus installing and running all software components from a single computer.This link can be used for BOTH upgrading an existing Helper installation or installing on a new computer that has never had Helper installed.Before downloading, please review the Helper 9.4 Product Changes document.Use the following information to share Quick Books as an app in Azure Remote App.You can share Quick Books 2015 Enterprise with Azure Remote App in either a hybrid or cloud collection.From the computer designated as the data file server, right click on “My Computer” or “Computer,” depending on the version of Windows you use, and select “Map Network Drive” to open the Map Network Drive window.