It has been a while since my original announcement of systemd.

Here's a little status update, on what happened since then. Also note that I'll speak about systemd at Linux Kongress 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Facebook recently reached a milestone: 750 million active users worldwide.

updating status requires the extended permission statusupdate-1updating status requires the extended permission statusupdate-72

He believed his comment was visible only to his friends, but a colleague printed off the remark and showed it to his boss.

Brennan claimed that what he wrote was private and done on his own time. November 2008 Virgin Atlantic canned 13 flight attendants after they criticized the airline’s flight safety standards and described passengers as “chavs” (a derogatory term used in the UK referring to aggressive, arrogant, lower-class young adults) on Facebook.

The following list is what I and my mentors thought of to be the features implemented in the final product of this project You can find more details in my last article Recording Actions Logs, Accessible by Super Admin.

I started working with the plugin as I need logs to be retrieved by the component.

Firstly, sharing this video will not protect you, though it will give your friends a comedic break from the barrage of baby pictures, cat memes and adverts that populate their timelines everyday.

The status update Oliver makes mention of in the video is a version of one that has died and resurfaced more times than we care to count.

For example, a juror in the UK was dismissed after she disclosed sensitive case information on her Facebook profile, asking her friends to participate in a poll to help her decide “which way to go” with the verdict.

But repercussions from other comments on social media sites have been much worse.

Many employees have been terminated over certain comments or pictures, and the National Labor Relations Board says it has been receiving an increased number of social media cases as this new mode of communication continues to grow in popularity and users continue to post with reckless abandon.

June 2008 20-year-old James Brennan was fired from his job at a store in central London after posting a derogatory statement about his employers.

You can watch the code of the plugin at the github repository for the project from this link The component is for showing the logs to the super-user.