Step 3: Review the engineering application availability (on the right side bar).

However, the university will not alter degree requirements less than two years from the expected graduation year unless there is a transition plan for students already in the degree program.

SELECTING A GRADUATION YEAR: choose the year you expect to graduate.

Students must satisfactorily complete all requirements and university obligations for degree completion.

The university reserves the right to modify requirements in a degree program.

These summaries highlight key aspects of state laws governing the rights of minors to consent to testing and/or tretment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV.

Any such summary cannot capture the details and nuances of individuals state laws.

Step 3: Review the engineering application timeline (located above).

Step 4: Submit a change of major application: The steps below provide a guide for students admitted to a non-engineering major at Virginia Tech wishing to apply for an internal transfer to one of the 14 degree-granting engineering majors: NOTE: Non-Engineering students are not able to declare General Engineering.

Step 1: Complete the change of major requirements (requirements are dependent on application term).

Step 2: Review your unofficial transcript on Hokie Spa to verify completion of all required coursework.

Purchase is NOT prohibited and there is no specific allowance for youth purchase for law enforcement purposes. tit.7, ยง 602 provides that selling or furnishing to a person exhibiting "a valid authorized form of identification," which means a valid photographic operator's license, enhanced driver's license, or valid photographic nondriver identification card issued by Vermont or another state or foreign jurisdiction, a United States military identification card, or a valid passport or passport card bearing the photograph and signature of the individual is prima facie evidence of the licensee's compliance with the law prohibiting the sale or furnishing of alcoholic beverages to minors.