Snag an image, and send it off to some professions for diagnosis of sickle cell and TB, and other diseases.I love the idea, I dislike squinting into microscopes (and maybe you do to? Though I won’t be diagnosing diseases, a portable, web-enabled microscope would be very useful.

Well done to Jared Marks who walked away the trophy!

The Main Stage kicked off the weekends evening entertainment with Southchurch and Wham!

Imagine this: You’re exploring the salt ponds of San Francisco, and notice the water isn’t clear — it’s red! Make this happen — a portable, web-enabled 100x microscope that plugs into an i Phone.

You dip a piece of plastic into the water to get a sample and notice lots of small little particles in the droplets. The purpose of this article is to document my attempt. I did not refine the idea or do very much planning.

Bug Jam 31 Report Despite the promise of rain and wind, you climbed into your Campers and bundled into your Beetles by the thousand!

As tents went up, flags got hoisted, campers got unpacked and the BBQS lit – that festival feeling was well and truly in the air.

Extending this project to connect to an i Phone seemed like the obvious choice, so I gave it a shot.

Day 1 – I bought a Radio Shack pocket scope tonight.

Mountapp is a dockapp for mounting and unmounting filesystems.