When people tell me stories about their relationships or their interactions with people where they experienced a great deal of pain, the stories are often peppered with, “I kept giving him/her the benefit of the doubt.” I’ve been in situations like these many times where I’ve wrestled with the uncertainty that can come with either not being able to take a good reading of your gut or that comes with knowing that if you accept what you see, that you may have to take action or acknowledge certain things.Much of the time and energy is spent trying to pin ‘good intentions’ on a person or at the very least analysing the intentions.

To this day I have no idea how I knew to do what I did - there was no one to help me, and the truth was, all my friends and my mother thought I was crazy to take the approach I did.

That's how I know that everything we women have been taught about how to be with men is wrong, and how I figured out for myself what really WORKS with a man.

You cannot determine compatibility without spending considerable time with a man. With Serial Dating, you are in and out of exclusive relationships frequently which can take its toll on your willingness to keep going.

It brings more heartache and drama to your love life.

If you’ve ever dated someone that pops up, gives you an amazing time, disappears for a while and then pops up again.lather, rinse, repeat, these also fall under the boomerang umbrella. This is recently broken up, separated, divorced, or widowed.

And remember: people can be interested in you and even tell you that they’re ready for a relationship but how ready they are is self-evident.

Acknowledging that something happened and giving the benefit of the doubt are not mutually exclusive.

We have to acknowledge what happened and how we feel in order to gauge whether the benefit of the doubt is warranted or whether we need to represent ourselves more adequately.

The uncertainty tends to grow the less we trust ourselves in general and the more that we’re inclined to throw our self-worth into the mix and question ourselves and what we’ve done to ‘provoke’ what we’re doubting.