Another 3,650 days have passed since then and if we’re lucky we could live another 12,510 days.

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When Sara answered yes, her mom became uncomfortable and told Sara not to bring her girlfriend over anymore, which started heated arguments between the two; her mom eventually became more supportive though.

As the twins entered their 20s, they began to understand that they could mix political messages into their pop music to help create social change, and so they did.

She also feared that others would automatically assume that she’d only identified as lesbian because her twin sister had too.

When Sara began bringing her first girlfriend around, her mother eventually asked if they were dating.

When I hear another band or artist cover one of our songs it can be indescribable and pleasantly disorienting – creating hope where there was originally hopelessness or joy where there was only ever regret.

A pop song can become a claustrophobic ballad, or an anguished confession might be transformed into a euphoric mantra.quality=80&w=300" data-large-file=" quality=80&w=806" data-lazy-src=" quality=80&w=100&h=100&crop=1" data-lazy-srcset=" quality=80&w=100&h=100&crop=1 100w, quality=80&w=200&h=200&crop=1 200w, quality=80&w=150&h=150&crop=1 150w" data-lazy-sizes=" quality=80&w=100&h=100&crop=1 100w, quality=80&w=200&h=200&crop=1 200w, If you’ve been following Tegan and Sara since their debut album, 1999’s Under Feet Like Ours, you know they’re the type to make you love them to death.It was sort of obvious right from the beginning that it was gonna be everybody’s sad, weepy breakup song.When we released The Con exactly 10 years ago today – July 24, 2007 – we had been on earth for 9,390 days.(2007)At that point, Sara had written “Walking With a Ghost,” and that had done really well for us.