The number one rule of flatlay images is to always shoot in natural light, either in the morning or afternoon as the midday light is quite harsh.Natural light is best because it does not create shadows, so shoot somewhere that is drenched in natural light, perhaps near a large window or glass doors.

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He has two younger sisters named Lily Alice and Livia.

Linz's mother is of French- and Austrian-Jewish descent and his father is of German descent, He attended Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was a member of the improvisation and sketch comedy group, jericho! In Linz's past, he was a lead science instructor at Galileo Learning, a pedestrian programs intern at City of Los Angeles, a strategy and planning department intern at Metrolink, and a legal researcher for Smith & Baltaxe, LLP.

From 1998 to 2001, Linz provided the voice of Franklin, a human boy in the live-action/animated series The Wacky Adventures of Ronald Mc Donald.

His parents are divorced, and he lived with his mother.

Alexander David Linz is a former actor of American nationality, known for having played roles in several films like Home Alone 3 and television programs as a child actor.

He was born on the 3rd of January, 1989 and had been acting since 1998 to 2007 according to his bio.Linz made his acting debut in 1995 on an episode of the television series Cybill.He subsequently appeared in several television productions, played Phillip Chancellor IV on the soap opera The Young and the Restless in 1995 for a short period of time, and was cast as the son of Michelle Pfeiffer's character in the 1996 film One Fine Day. Linz kick-started his career when he approached his mother -- reportedly at the age of four -- and precociously expressed interest in appearing in television commercials.She obliged, and in seemingly no time, Linz had racked up filmed promotional spots for JC Penney, Mc Donald's, and other corporate giants.Elizabeth had English and German ancestry, and was the son of George W. Paul was born in Kentucky, the son of Adolph Lankisch, who was an ethnic German immigrant from Russia, and of Charlotte Schuster, who was German. Census – https://I found his paternal grandfather’s obituary, and that’s pretty cool, because I also lived in Wilmington, NC at the time of his death too!