The actor will appear in an episode as Dax, a genius techie and hipster skateboarder who takes a look at Jane’s computer and ends up surprising her — in more ways than one.

The caucuses will be covered as breaking news by the major networks and cable news outlets, with special coverage starting at 4 p.m.

, CNN and CSPAN; 5 p.m., Fox News; 8 p.m., MSNBC; 11 p.m. KCBSToday The Iowa caucuses; "The Voice" Dan Schachner ("Puppy Bowl").

Boneta appeared in 2011 American teen comedy television film Mean Girls 2 for his role as Tyler.

In 2003, Boneta appeared in Mexican reality TV show Código F.

KABCThe Meredith Vieira Show Dermot Mulroney ("Dirty Grandpa"); Mario Cantone and Lance Bass; Jill Kargman ("Odd Mom Out").

KCALThe Wendy Williams Show Deborah Norville discusses O.

Earlier this month, Rodriguez kept tight-lipped about her budding romance when she dropped by The Ellen De Generes Show.

She did, however, reveal that she really, really wants a baby.

The two are said to have a good chemistry, and there are rumors pointing to the two having a dating relationship.