She is comedian, television host and actress which all are the sources of Sheryl Underwood net worth.

She rose to fame as a comedian who became the first female finalist during the Miller Lite Comedy Search in 1989.

It debuted on July 28, 2005, on MTV and briefly aired on MTV2 From 2013-2016 In November 2012, MTV2 announced that the series would be returning in 2013 after a six-year hiatus.

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The Teams are the "Red Squad", which was the team name until season 5 where they became the "Platinum Squad" and were permanently captained by Cannon; and the "Black Squad", led by a celebrity guest until season 7 where the situation was reversed with Cannon becoming the Black Squad team captain and the celebrity guest leading the Platinum Squad.

For season 8, the colors were revamped once again with the Gold Squad replacing the Black Squad.

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The film begins as the world gathers to take a miracle pill scientists say prevents and cures HIV/AIDS.

Hours later after the synchronized celebration ends there's a sudden and unsettling quiet that covers the globe.

Her mother, with a desire to prevent Sheryl from knowing her father, lied that he had killed her sister, however, Sheryl got close with her father and the truth was revealed.

Talking about her education, she majored in Liberal Arts at the University of Illinois in Chicago, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Sheryl is the winner of two BET Awards, and has been active in the entertainment industry since 1988. Comedy is the main source of Sheryl Underwood net worth, which currently stands at million making her one of the millionaires in the industry.