When one talks about a subject he or she is an expert about and likes it, the passion comes through and people get it. We’re a pretty big group and we’re spread out all over the US.

As you may imagine, speaking so often with a group of people whom you share both your professional and technical experiences as well as personal lives brought us together, and we have all become close friends even though most of us have never met in person.

Growing up, we often hear the phrase, "Nothing worth having comes easy," but with technology almost anything can come easy.

Including a new boo when you and your significant other isn't working out.

While this is a great opportunity to meet new people, we'll spend an entire first date asking questions we already know the answer to because we saw it on their social media first.

We don't have to deal with an ugly breakup if we don't want to.

Many teens in relationships view social media as a place where they can feel more connected with the daily contours of their significant other’s life, share emotional connections and let their significant other know they care – although these sites can also lead to feelings of jealousy or uncertainty about the stability of one’s relationship.

At the same time, even teens who indicate that social media has had an impact on their relationship (whether for good or for bad) tend to feel that its impact is relatively modest in the grand scheme of things.Let me tell you many of the reasons why social media is ruining our generation's ways of dating.You just got in a fight with your significant other?when I’m in person with him, like, it’s harder for me to tell him what I’m feeling.So like I’ll think about it when we’re together, and then like afterwards I’ll probably text him like what I was feeling and tell him my problems.”“I think texting kind of makes you feel closer because – boys are more shy. my boyfriend, he doesn’t like to express himself like that.Social media makes getting a date (and breaking up with a partner) as simple as the click of a mouse.