The best way to block the adult-oriented content on a mobile web internet browser is to use a kid-safe browser.On the i Pod touch and i Pad, you could limit the default Safari internet browser and also install an alternative internet browser that already strains grown up web content. The following are the steps to make it possible for Yahoo secure search on a smartphone: 4.Yahoo's latest embrace of the adult industry has attracted little attention until now. Instead, the ads appear only on what are relatively small Web sites that few Internet users identify with Yahoo.

Keep in mind that in the mobile Yahoo website, this setting can’t be locked.

There are a lot of easy parental actions in enabling parental control on the household computer. When you log out of your Yahoo account your kid will not be able to transform the safe search set up.

Even if a room’s name is innocuous, Yahoo also will bar any whose postings encourage sex acts between adults and minors, purging such chat rooms within 24 hours from when it becomes aware of them.

“These efforts are consistent with and build upon our long-standing commitment to providing a safer and more secure online experience for consumers,” Osako said.

With the acquisition of Overture Services last month, Yahoo is now selling ads to a range of hard-core Web sites.

Those ads appear on two search engines Yahoo acquired as part of the Overture deal -- Alta Vista and Allthe

A Yahoo spokeswoman declined to address questions about Yahoo's adult business directly.

Nor would she say whether its expansion in that area represents a change in company policy.

The company also is eliminating the teen chat category and limiting usage of all chat rooms to adults, although it was not clear how the company would prevent children from signing up as adults because credit cards aren’t required.

Spitzer, a Democrat running for governor next year, said he started the investigation at Bruning’s urging.

Parents should take care that their children do not have an access to the pornography, sexuality sites.